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Join one of our Meet-Up Zooms or get a Celebrity Selfie, Duet video card or VIP Session with these select Below Deck Celebrities.

Definitely bring a friend, a bunch of friends, your family, or whoever you want with you to share in one of these super memorable experiences.

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Below Deck Fan
Big Wave
YourEncore Presents
Check Out the Crew
Eddie Lucas 11-20 YourEncore Fan Pic (40) (1).jpg
Eddie Lucas
Capt Glenn 5-9 YourEncore Fan Pic.png
Capt Glenn 5-9 YourEncore Fan Pic.png
Captain Glenn
  • When you purchase your experience, we will coordinate a time with you for any ticket that needs a booking time.  We ask that you be considerate of the crews availability.

  • You will receive your copy of the Celebrity Selfie or videos within 3 business days.

  • Share it yourself or tell us who to deliver it to. 

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More Crew
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