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I can’t find my ticket to the show

    For online shows, a ticket is not needed. We send an email with a link to the event page of the show. You can enter the show by clicking on the PLAY button once the show doors open. If you are having trouble finding the emails we sent please check your spam folder or search your email for “YourEncore”. Make sure it matches the email address you gave us at the time the tickets were purchased.

I’m having trouble getting into the event

Please check the following:


1. That you have the latest video software. Click here to download the latest client.

2. Click here to test your software setup by entering into a TEST event.


3. If you are receiving a “LOCKED EVENT” message while trying to enter an event, then you are logged into Eventbrite using a different account than the one you assigned to the ticket holder. Please login using the ticket holder’s email address.

4. If you get a “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid.” message on your iPhone, select “OK” and then select “Download from AppStore” to download the video software.


I’m having trouble with something else

    Click the chat button in the lower right corner of this page to chat with one of our team members or email us at

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